Borax for Fleas

Fleas are really tiny wing-less insects that can be commonly seen on an animal’s body. Small insects like these feed on the host’s blood and therefore they’re considered to be parasites. As soon as these pets step out of your house, they might also carry the fleas with them. If we disregard these insects, it can cause a flea infestation. They will not only aggravate your pets but could irritate you and bite you like pesky mosquitoes. There are lots of choices to eliminate fleas but using Borax for fleas would be a great idea since it’s an affordable pest management remedy.

When you think of fleas you probably think of pets; however, you can still have a flea infestation if you do not have any pets in your home. When it comes to life cycles, fleas do have a long one. They can lay eggs in your carpet, bed sheets, curtains and almost basically everywhere. Their eggs can hatch within just 2 weeks and could turn into a larva. The eggs of these bugs can take 7 months to turn into a legless pupa. In order for them to become a full grown flea, they stay in a dormant state and hold off until the best time comes which might come in within the next 6 months or 1 year. They continue to increase in number and can totally infest your house within just one year if you don’t take proper action. You should really never take this for granted since they carry harmful bacteria such as the ones responsible for typhus and plague. With this, we could think of the outcomes this insect could bring in your house. Borax to kill fleas will surely make it easier for you to get rid of them.

Tips on using Borax for Fleas

You must first consider the weather before you decide to use Borax for fleas. If it’s a damp environment, try to refrain from using Borax as it could stay within your carpet fibers and is going to be tough to clean up your carpet. When the weather conditions are good then proceed with what you plan to do. It is a chemical powder that is made from Boric acid, so when using it for your clothes and carpets, test it first. Put a little of the Borax solution on the part where you want it and then leave it for 24 hours. If the color isn’t messed up, then proceed with your flea control plan. Here are some directions so you can take care of your flea problems.

Find the usual places where your pets stay most of the time, since the chances are big that fleas can lay their eggs on the same area. Carpets are more exposed to fleas and other insects, which is why you should concentrate on them the most.

Do the color test first before applying the solution to your carpet. This is to lessen the potential risk of ruining the color of your belongings since the chemicals utilized in the Borax powder is quite harsh.

  • Now use the Borax for fleas by sprinkling it over the affected area. Use a small container that has small holes on top in order to equally distribute the solution in your carpet.
  • Utilize a broom to make it reach down in the carpet and to the places that you can’t reach.
  • The place that you sprinkled the Borax should be off-limits to your kids and pets.
  • Let the solution work for 1-2 days.
  • After 24-48 hours, use a vacuum cleaner to clean up the solution. Get rid of the vacuum pouch or throw it right away and don’t let it stay in your house. Be sure that the place is Borax free by vacuuming it 2 or 3 more times.
  • Use Borax for your laundry especially with your bedding, sofa covers and curtains.

Stick to the above directions and you could make your house completely free from fleas. You are able to use Borax for fleas in your house two times a year to help keep the cleanliness. Borax and fleas don’t really go well with each other, which is why Borax is a very effective solution to deal with these pests.