Borax Kills Fleas

Will Borax help you with your problems with fleas? Totally! This natural flea killer is ideal for dealing with fleas in the carpet and it is highly affordable and simple to make use of. Here’s how to use Borax fleas to deal with your flea problem.

Where to get it and how much does it cost?

Borax is made from Boric Acid and both of them kill fleas. Borax can cost up to $1.00 per pound, while Boric Acid costs up to $4.00 – $10.00 a pound. Both are utilized exactly the same way.

Tools needed for your Borax fleas solution:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Broom
  • A small container with holes on top
  • Mask to cover your nose/mouth

How To Use Borax To Kill Fleas

Do it one room/area at a time. Make all people and pets leave the area since having them inhale the Borax dust will not be a good idea. Move all the furniture so that you can easily see the flea infested areas.

Locate the most affected area and sprinkle the Borax solution. Leave it there for 1-2 days. When this is done, use a vacuum cleaner and broom to totally wipe off the Borax solution. That’s everything you have to do and you are finished!

How Long Does Borax Fleas Last?

It kills these insects by dehydration just like diatomaceous earth does, and Borax is more affordable. Additionally, this solution attacks the bug’s nervous system. One good thing about this is it lasts for more than 6 months to a year, so this would mean less expenses for you. Just make sure that you put it deep into your carpet to avoid your pets from snorting out the Borax solution.

Is It Safe To Use Borax For Fleas?

The answer is yes and no. It is a lot better than pesticide sprays and other inorganic methods. This won’t harm your skin just like the other solutions would. Just make sure that it’s not inhaled or ingested.

Once the solution is on the carpet, the ones that would be at risk in inhaling or ingesting them would be your pets. Make sure to keep them away from the area in which you applied your borax fleas solution.

How About Vacuuming the Treatment of my Carpet?

If possible, you should wait for a few more days. Then do the vacuuming since there are only small quantities of Borax that are going to be obtained each and every time.

Will I be able to use Borax fleas if I have wooden floors?

Indeed. But this one is trickier since you have to apply it on the cracks and then clean up the surface

A Final Note

Dealing with these flea problems is never easy and you can’t do this in just one day. Bugs increase in numbers rapidly and they could invade your house with great numbers in just a blink of an eye. Take your time and don’t give up! Borax fleas is an effective method. Just make sure to do it right and when you are finished doing all these things, fleas won’t be a big problem anymore.